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"Rachel Ashcroft was highly recommended to me as someone who could provide our students with regular mindfulness/meditation sessions. She has now been delivering for us since the start of academic year 2019-20, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Her engagement with our students, from across all levels, undergraduate to post graduate, is a sheer delight to observe: her communication skills are second to none. It is clear from the sessions themselves that she makes students- and indeed staff participants- feel comfortable, at ease and 'safe'; indeed, Rachel exudes warmth and calm.

She is imaginitive in her approach, as well as highly empathetic. Rachel is also prepared to go above and beyond to support the students outside the formal class: she has set up and maintains an online forum for us, enabling members of the group to stay in contact and, indeed, feel supported between weekly sessions".

- Dr Shirley Thompson, Vice Principle (Music), Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, Birmingham City University. November 2019.



"Following a package of training and support from ‘Colour Your World’, we have embedded short mindfulness sessions into our everyday practice throughout school. Children and adults alike appreciate and understand the importance of taking five minutes out of every day to reflect, listen to their minds and bodies and learn strategies that help them to cope in a busy world. In one term, we have already seen a positive difference in the confidence and mindset of the children".

 [Following a recent Ofsted inspection, Ofsted provided the following quote in their report of the school, based on the observations that they made. The school have implemented school-wide changes taken from the Colour Your World training they received several weeks prior to their Ofsted inspection, to improve overall staff and child wellbeing, self-confidence and resilience. We are grateful to the school for sharing this direct quote from their report in relation to the service we provided in September 2018- CYW]

“….there is an ethos of care and mutual respect and a very positive learning environment. Pupils demonstrate self-confidence and a love of learning.” Ofsted, December 2018

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- Jenny Waterman , Deputy Headteacher, Great Bridge Primary School, West Midlands



"Rachel is an inspirational trainer. She is so positive and infectious and her Mindfulness course was a joy to attend. All delegates loved the course and it is refreshing to be trained by someone so obviously passionate about Mindfulness and Mental Health. Rachel’s conviction and dedication to impact positive, lasting results via her course was brilliant and thought provoking. I couldn’t recommend Rachel highly enough".
Richard Smith, Director at Eyears, Birmingham


"All Year 6 teachers and Headteachers know how some children will feel anxiety as they approach SATs. We all put in place opportunities to reassure but nothing we have done compares to the "mindfulness" sessions completed with Rachel Ashcroft.  There is a visible uplift in the children's confidence born out of their genuine self-belief. They also have a wealth of strategies for dealing with stressful situations from instant breathing techniques to deep, contemplative meditation - skills that will provide them with inner strength well beyond SATs week. We are all most grateful for Rachel for this work with our children".

- E. Regan, Headteacher, Great Bridge Primary School, West Midlands.




"What a wonderful day with Rachel. Our Year 6 will really benefit from the workshops and so will the staff here at QEGS. Fun, informative, relaxing and engaging".

- Mrs. T Robertson, Queen Elizabeths Grammar School (QEGS), Blackburn




"We were thrilled to welcome Rachel to our school and the morning was a huge success. She taught us different ways to keep calm and appreciate the beautiful world we live in!" 

–  Miss C Halstead, Head Teacher of ST. Mary's RC Primary school, Sabden




"An Inspirational lady with an equally inspiring concept".

- Elisha Beech, All Star Vocals




"It's been a real pleasure working with Rachel on our Holiday Camp workshops this February. The feedback from our Head Office and at our Holiday Camp has been unanimous - each child has come away feeling calmer and is able to understand their feelings in greater detail. We would highly recommend Colour Your World to anyone that asks!"

– Amy Cunningham, Founder and Director of the Strings Club




"I had a great session where I learnt some brilliant breathing techniques that have been helping me regularly ever since. Rachel was really friendly and approachable during the session helping me to relax straight away. I would highly recommend!"

– Rosie Gardner

From the Children...

quotes.png It has helped me because I feel much calmer and when we had to do a test today I felt so much more relaxed - age 10

quotes.pngI enjoyed looking at things in more detail and focussing on my breathing - age 9

quotes.png I'm happier and calmer... THANK YOU! - age 10

quotes.png Rachel showed me how to breathe to make myself calmer and more relaxed. She showed me that I am a confident superhero! - age 11

quotes.png I used breathing when I felt mad when I was out with my mum - age 6

quotes.png Since working in this group I have felt stronger and more confident. I really appreciate the help - age 11

quotes.png I LOVE doing these sessions! It makes me feel happy and more kind to other people - age 7

quotes.png I will work on my positive mindset every day. I know how powerful my thoughts are - age 11